Just A Few Satisfied Customers

Don't just take our word for it! Many people have come to Body Works by Vickie and have found pain relief where others could not help them. Here are just a few testimonials from our many satisfied customers.


"After months of attempts to lower my cholesterol, my doctor wanted to put me on a statin medication. I begged her to let me try this one last idea. I came to see Vickie twice a week for a month and my cholesterol went down 34 points! I feel great, have more energy and I am in a good mood all day! I am addicted. I meet the nicest and most interesting people every time I am here."
-Angel Baton Rouge, LA

"Approximately 3 months ago I had my first treatment. Since that time I have seen results in my glucose level, it has gone down. My energy level is raised and I sleep at night where as before I used to wake up constantly. I am truly enjoying the treatments and I do not want to miss the times I plan to attend."
-Dennis Baton Rouge, LA

"I heard about Body Works by Vickie from a client at my work. I was interested so I tried it. I had a rash on my leg and it really cleared up after the Foot Ion Detox Cleanse. I feel better after doing it."
-Mona Baton Rouge, LA

"Well 60 is almost here! I am overweight, have bad blood pressure, glaucoma in both eyes and now arthritis has set in from the neck down. I have trouble walking; everything hurts! So now what?
My wife's niece tells us about Body Works by Vickie. We researched the Internet and decided to go. Well...after three visits arthritis pain is gone. I can walk, run and jump for joy! My under toe rot is cured. After eight visits my energy level is up 3000%. I can exercise again! I used to be hyper active and now I am again. Also, I do not have kidney problems anymore. I can now do all those things I have been putting off!
Thanks Vickie. It seems strange but my vision has improved too. The eye doctor said, "What you lost is gone forever", but it is coming back. Put my name on the Be Back List because I will be back again and again!"
-Love and Kisses, Jimmy Baton Rouge, LA

"My experience with Body Works by Vickie is truly a success story. I have noticed from my physical that my blood pressure increased, I had bad cholesterol and even cysts. All have gotten better. I thank God for the treatments and I plan to continue coming. Thanks for introducing me to this life changing experience."

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"I first heard about Body Works by Vickie from a friend. After seeing the wonderful results she achieved after only two treatments I decided to try it out because of the joint problems in my hands, knees and shoulder. Having completed 12 treatments, I have found it to be beneficial in many ways. Not only am I without joint pain, but I also had more energy and rest better at night. Body Works has been an amazing and delightful experience."

"I suffered with yeast infections for two years due to taking Cipro, a deadly antiobiotic. I took all of the probiotic I was told that would help me. I was just about to give up. But God had other plans for me. He guided me to a health food store, and a sweet lady told me about Body Works by Vickie. You better believe I made an appointment for my sister and I. After my first treatment I knew that's what I needed. I am yeast free and stronger, I am healed. I thank God for His love, and healing goes to Him. With God's help I will continue going for maintenance as often as I can."

"Since I have been going to Body Works by Vickie I no longer have joint pain in my legs and feet. I have also noticed a wonderful change in my digestive area and urinary tract."

"Since I have been going to Body Works by Vickie I am more alert. I have increased energy and stamina."

"Body Works by Vickie has been the best thing i have done for my health. My kidneys were the reason I came. Thank God I did because I feel better than I have in years."
-Mary Ann

"I had pain in my ankle for three years. While in the hospital for six weeks, nearly bed ridden since the pain was so great. I was treated with physical therapy. The physical therapy did not help at all and I had to leave the hospital like that. Because of the pain I could not get around and I had to resort to a wheelchair. I continued the physical therapy with home health, but did not begin to get relief until my third treatment at Body Works by Vickie. I took Vickie's offer for 5 treatments paying for four and getting the fifth one free. It was after these treatments that my physical therapy began to strengthen my legs. Shortly after that muscle improvement allowed me to go to a walker and finally give up my wheelchair. I forgot to mention that after my third treatment I was free of pain. Needless to say I highly recommend Body Works by Vickie."

"Friends invited me to go with them to Body Works by Vickie. They reassured me that some of the medical problems I had would diminish. I decided to take the trip with them. I was going to take one treatment to satisfy my curiosity. My medical problems were kidney / bladder, insomnia, edema in legs and ankles, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatigue and joint pain. I am now on my fourth treatment. I am aware of the diminished joint pain, edema of the ankle and legs, improved sleep, increased energy and a sense of well being. Oh, yes, the discoloring on the leg caused by the edema is disappearing. I am so thankful that caring friends invited me to accompany them to Body Works by Vickie. With enthusiasm and joy I never want to quit."

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