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The Thermojet Plus® Infrared Body Wrap

Lose Weight - Lose Inches - Diminish Cellulite - Tighten and Rejuvenate Skin
Relieve Muscle Pain - Increase Energy and Metabolism - Strengthen Immune System
Detoxify the Body - Reduce Stress

The Technology

Thermojet Plus® Infrared Body Wrap

ThermoPlus Body Wrap

Infrared therapy is the use of infrared heat by lamps or heating pads to increase circulation to a particular are of the body. It is the same form of energy created by the sun; it cannot be seen by the human eye but is instead felt as warmth on the skin. The Thermo Jet Plus® uses deep infrared heat that penetrates the inner tissue from 1.5 to more than 2 inches, increasing body temperature and thus raising the metabolic rate, creating an efficient fat burning process. This increased thermo-lipolytic action works from the deep fat layers, including fat and waste trapped in subdermal pockets of cellulite, outward to the superficial tissue layers (the dermis or skin). The resulting breakdown of fats into a more liquid form allows the secretion of excess fluid, toxins and fat through a cleansing perspiration. Between 900 and 1400 calories can be burned during each therapy session!

The Procedure

We recommend that you dress in breathable work-out type clothing due to the excessive perspiration that will be experienced. Special Cellulite gels which accelerate the waste elimination process may be applied if you choose. You will lie down on a comfortable table in a private room and will be wrapped with up to six silicone blankets, which will be placed across the abdomen and hip areas and across the thighs and arms. The intensity of the heat in each infrared pad can be controlled seperately to specifically target problem areas, and your comfort will be monitored by our staff throughout the procedure. The Thermo Jet Plus® works in three stages of infrared treatment: Warm Up, Action and Cool Down. This is similar to a workout and allows the body to adjust to the rise in metabolism in an efficient and effective way. During the 40 minute therapy session you can choose to relax, watch TV or listen to your favorite music. It is important to stay hydrated immediately following the procedure.

The Many Benefits

Aside from weight loss, body shaping and reduction of cellulite which are noticeable after even the first session, research has shown infrared therapy to be effective for relief of back, muscle and other pain; healing of soft tissue injury; diminishment of the appearance of skin blemishes, scarring and acne; improvement of skin tone and elasticity; reduction of stress and fatigue; lowering of blood pressure and improvement of circulation; elimination of environmental toxins known to trigger illness; and a strengthening of the body's immune response, which can increase overall health.

The cost is $50.00 per session.

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